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    1  apology - Kimberly Price Warner
    I didn't closely read this site. I am not a person of color...

    2  Re: Price Family ~ Darke Cnty OH - Kimberly Price Warner
    I am descended from John Price who married Theodosia "Dicey" Weaver. My father was Cletus Elmer "Bud" Price. Many of the Price relatives are buried in the Fort Jefferson, Ohio ceme..

    3  Re: Dunn Roll vs. Dawes Roll - Norma
    Thank you for reading my post and I hope you read the entire thread, beginning to end...

    4  Jacklin family - Jack F Sanders
    I am a local historian in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and have amassed quite a bit of information on the Jacklin family, offspring and descendants of Robert Jacklin who bought his own freedom in the earl..

    5  Re: Dunn Roll vs. Dawes Roll - Ebony
    very interesting read thank you...

    6  Re: photo of two slaves - Brenda J Smothers
    Good morning. Thank you for contacting AfriGeneas. Regarding the photos, the two counties that you mentioned are in Virginia, not Alabama. We would still be interested in having you share them. Please..

    7  photo of two slaves - Nelse Greenway
    I have a photo of two slaves owned by a relative in Alabama. It was taken in the 1920s when they were in their 80s. They were sold to my forebearer when they were 3 and 5 years old, in either Augusta ..

    8  Re: PORTEE/GROOMS Columbia SC - Tisha Grooms
    My great grandmother was Ada Portee and her husband was Williams Grooms Eastover/Columbia SC. My grandfather was James Grooms SR and my father James Grooms JR. To my understanding Portee family didn't..

    9  Mixed Bloods in the Five Civilized Tribes - Norma
    As always in the tribes, mixed bloods were considered freedmen and not by bloods, based upon the fact that the mother was a slave, regardless of the father being an Indian. History cannot change the c..

    10  Re: Cromwell Bullock born 1820 in Edgecombe, NC - Justin Dowell
    Hello my name is Justin Dowell ive been tracing my family for a while now asking my family about the history came to find out my great great great grandfather was Cromwell Bullock Jr. and which makes ..

    11  The Case of Ellis Williams  - Angela Y Walton-Raji
    A small hand-written letter was found in a file several years ago at the National Archives. It was only three sentences long. That letter led to a more interesting story of mixed Chickasaws seeking re..

    12  $400.00 Stipend from Cherokee Nation - Robert Johnson
    The Cherokee Nation is offering a $400.00 stipend to all Cherokee elders 62 years or older in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is being offered "regardless of income level and regardless of ..

    13  Genetic impact of African slave trade  - tea brick
    Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed in DNA study fr. bbc news A major DNA study has shed new light on the fate of millions of Africans who were traded as slaves to the Americas between the ..

    14  Re: Freedmen Schools of Indian Territory - Angela Y Walton-Raji
    Greetings Robert, Good to hear from you! The two books that I mentioned in the video are: Freedmen of the Frontier Volume 1, Selected Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Families Freedmen of theFrontier ..

    15  Re: Freedmen Schools of Indian Territory - Robert Johnson
    Greetings Angela! Great work, as always! The two books you mentioned about Freedmen of the Frontier and the other one (name escapes me) . Could you repeat both names and the authors, if possible? Than..

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