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AfriGeneas Help Desk
Welcome to the support forum. This is a read-only board for announcements and FAQs for all technical and customer service questions about the the AfriGeneas message boards and website 
Announcements and Events Forum
This is a message board for posting announcements and events of interest to the genealogical community only. All other posts will be removed. You may also add your events to the AfriGeneas Events Calendar. 
Adoption Forum
In keeping with AfriGeneas' mission of reconnecting families, this forum is provided for adoptees, foster children, birth, adoptive and foster parents who are seeking one another.
Africa Research Forum
This forum is intended to explore our diversity, our history, our cultures, our accomplishments our needs and our resources in researching the motherland.
African American Cemeteries Forum
Hosted message board of the African American Cemeteries Online website. For African American cemetery queries and for the discussion of their history, cultural significance and for preservation issues and alerts.
African American History Forum
This forum is for the discussion of African American history and the African American experience throughout the world from ancient times to the present.
African American Newspapers Forum
Expert guidance and advice on locating information on ancestors in newspapers.
African-Native American Genealogy Forum
Hosted message board of the African-Native American Genealogy website. Discussion is strictly limited to the genealogy and history of the Oklahoma Freedmen -- the African citizens of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole Nations. All other posts will be removed.
AfriGeneas Call to Action!
AfriGeneas' response to President Barack Obama's call for "a new era of responsibility." This is the place to inform and to organize members of the AfriGeneas family so that we can act individually and collectively to transform our communities, our cities, our states and the nation.
AfriGeneas Discuss!
For the posting of any non-genealogical topic of interest to AfriGeneas members. THE place to wax grandiloquent about fun topics, controversial subjects or current events.
AfriGeneas at the Movies
Join us for reel talk. The place for movie reviews and discussions.
Ancestral Cooking Forum
This forum is for sharing African American recipes and discussing foodways--how people produce, prepare, present, consume, and think about food--and African-American genealogy and culture.
Got Book? What's on your reading list? The Book Club Forum is for the exploring, sharing, and dissemination of ideas through literature relative to genealogy and the AfriGeneas community. It's all here - from reviews to discussions. Enjoy.
Brick Wall Forum
This forum is a moderated board for advanced researchers only. A Brick Wall is a genealogical dead-end. A Brick Wall is a problem that you just can't solve no matter how many times you return to it. Our research team will post your message to a more appropriate forum if it is determined that every avenue of research has not been exhausted.
Canada Research Forum
Following the "North Star" led us to points of freedom enroute to Canada. This Forum board will help us learn about and connect with our ancestors who reached and settled on these shores.
Caribbean Research Forum
Forum-Carib covers the numerous islands of the West Indies and the countries of North, Central and South America that border on the Caribbean.
Creole Research Forum
This forum is strictly limited to the study of Louisiana Creole ancestry and culture and encompasses Black Creoles descended from slaves, "gens de coleur" - mixed-race or free Creoles of color - and Creoles of European descent. 
DNA Research Forum
This forum is for queries regarding the use of DNA as a special tool in genealogical pursuits. This forum is strictly limited to discussion of the above topic. All other posts will be removed.
Family Reunion Forum
This forum is the place to discuss how to plan a reunion, to find out how others have done it and what works and what doesn't. It's also a place for experienced planners to help others by sharing their experiences, swapping recipes, telling their stories, and by just giving great advice.
Free Persons of Color Forum
Hosted message board of the Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware website. Discussion is strictly limited to issues pertaining to ancestors who were either born free or emancipated prior to the Civil War. All other posts will be removed.
Genealogy and History Forum
This is the place for the discussion of broad and general genealogical and historical topics.
Genealogy Technology Forum
This forum is for the discussion of all things technological as it relates to genealogy -- hardware, software, websites, storage media, anything that helps us in the search for the ancestors. Lets talk about what works, what doesn't, successes, great new finds, snafus, glitches.
Health and Wellness Forum
This forum is the place to discuss nutrition and fitness and issues surrounding the prevention and treatment of illnesses and disease, especially those that afflict the African American community disproportionately.
Heritage Arts & Crafts Forum
This forum is provided as a place to discuss all types of heritage arts and crafts including but not limited to: scrapbooking, quiltmaking, needlework, painting, basketmaking, woodworking, jewelry making and beading, leatherworking, glassmaking, pottery making, storytelling and other traditional and folk arts.
Juniors Forum
This forum is reserved for the use of junior genealogists. Any topics related to genealogy and family history are allowed. Any other posts will be promptly removed.
Military Research Forum
For anyone interested in Military History and Records from the Revolutionary War to the present. Strictly limited to serious discussion of this topic. All other posts will be removed.
Reconstruction Period Research Forum
This forum is designed to understand the life, time, survival and living of those we are researching during the 1860-1880 period. We will further develop tips, tools, records and resources to document their history and our lineage.
Schools, Organizations, Churches and Institutions Forum
This forum is for mining the records of Black organizations and institutions for genealogical information.
Slave Research Forum
This board is reserved for discussion of the Enslavement Period, slave genealogy, documents pertaining to slavery, and techniques for finding the last slaveowner and the first slave ancestor.
States Research Forum
This forum board will help us put our heads and hearts together to focus, develop and utilize research resources in each of these United States of America. Please note that each State will be prefixed in the subject line, so post accordingly.
Surnames and Family Research Forum
This is the place for surnames queries, for asking all those questions about "getting started", planning a research strategy, evaluating findings, making a change of direction, requesting lookups and sharing information, knowledge and tips.
Underground Railroad Research Forum
A message board for anyone interested in the history of the Underground Railroad, the vast pre-Civil War network of trails and safe houses used by enslaved people in their journey to freedom. Discussions will focus on the history, abolitionists, conductors as well as present day preservation and education efforts. This forum is strictly limited to serious discussion of the Underground Railroad. All other posts will be removed.
Western Frontier Forum
This forum welcomes anyone interested in discussing the history/genealogy of African Americans, (explorers, prospectors, mountain men, fur traders, cowboys, soldiers, scouts, farmers, ranchers, teachers, nurses, cooks, mule drivers, handymen, washerwomen, businessmen/women and the exodusters of 1879), as well as their relationships with other groups. Strictly limited to serious discussion of these and other related topics. All other posts will be removed.
World Research Forum (Multicultural & Multiracial Research)
The continents of, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Antarctica hold clues, keys, facts, documents and relations in our ancestral search.This forum is the place to discuss and combine our efforts to research these ROOTS! This is also the place for researching Multiethnic, Multicultural, Multiracial, biracial and triracial families and for discussing the difficulties in research as well as resources available and needed. A major objective would be to reduce the stigma faced too often by such heritage and to assist each of us to accept all parts of who we are.
Writers Forum
This forum is for those interested in writing and publishing family histories, biographies, articles, extracts, transcriptions, or any other genealogical work.

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