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    1  Beginning of a new cycle for in Vodun - Azacotogan Fajise Syenxwe
    The sciences of studying the cosmos and recognizing which deities, (called Hun pronounced "hoon" in Aja language) as well as other spirits and energies are performing what functions in relat..

    2  New Articles to Enhance Research Success  - Tim Pinnick
    Among the articles in Ken Marks' latest email from his Ancestor Hunt website are several dealing with research strategies. Hear are direct links to the articles:

    3  Salawa (karma) the concept as found in Vodun pt. 1  - Azacotogan Fajise Syenxwe
    The concept of Salawa and its ramifications for Maroons/ how it creates Maroons Part 1 will focus on defining salawa and its function This Aja word has no direct translation to english but it referenc..

    4  Re: Born Africa resident of Boston MAss - T,Fazzini
    Sorry I haven't-but try surfing the Internet or Google Books--who knows?..

    5  Lena Horne's great-grandmother from Africa - T,Fazzini
    Amelie Louise Ashton (1816[?]-1919) age 103[?] was a slave from Senegale. Amelie maternal granddaugther was Edna Louise Scotten [1894-1976]. Edna Scotten was also a granddaughter of inventor Samuel Ra..

    6  Wonderful New Black Newspaper Site  - Tim Pinnick
    After procrastinating for months, I finally began reading Nichelle Hayes' blog, The Ties That Bind. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but nothing more than her post Black Newspaper Resources in which she disc..

    7  Re: 1866 Treaty vs. Constitutions - Norma
    What does the Reorganization Act say? Does this change override the 1866 Treaty? It seem that the nations can do what they want at any time although the 1866 Treaty is still valid as you believe. When..

    8  Re: 1866 Treaty vs. Constitutions - Brad Littlejohn
    Because the treaty is still in effect I would think that the actual wording of the treaty would apply to all the five tribes. Not necessarily. Since each tribe is a different "nation", separate treati..

    9  Re: Geaween/Gowen?? - Gina Mazzolini
    Hello!! I anyone still reading this thread? I really hope so because I have questions!! My 3x great grandmother was Rebeckah J Goings. I THINK i have traced her all the way back to John Gownen/Gaeween..

    10  Re: 1866 Treaty vs. Constitutions - Norma
    Because the treaty is still in effect I would think that the actual wording of the treaty would apply to all the five tribes. So, in your opinion what do you think is the problem that Creek and Chicka..

    11  Re: Assumptions about the racial origins of "fpoc" - tea brick
    That's interesting information about the origins of the Va. Dungees. I have not found a Frances Dungee, just yet but I have a John (Va.) & Many others Dungees are listed under him (at least 150 of the..

    12  Re: 1866 Treaty vs. Constitutions - Brad Littlejohn
    In regards to the changes of constitutions, I don't see why the treaty has to be affected pertaining to the freedmen. The treaty should still be in affect. Good news. The treaty is still in effect. In..

    13  NY - Adoptees - Original Birth Cert. - Regina
    Beginning tomorrow, adoptees in NY will be able to receive a copy of their original birth certificate. Check out the article.

    14  Re: L3f1 - tea brick
    Greetings, Thanks for the extended information. I found some of my old testing results of maternal side. It's my haplogroup also. - t.b...

    15  Re: GEORGE family, Craven county 1850  - ERIN WELLS
    Hello, my name is Erin Wells. I know this thread is 8 years old but I just came across it and wanted to see what information you all had. My 2nd great grandmother was Laura George, she would be Betsy'..

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