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The Fruits of a County Research Project

Where on Earth is Upson County?

Upson County 1864

upson county population 1830-70

slaves named in pre-1865 upson county sources

conclusions from the county project - pt I

conclusions from the county project - pt II

do the conclusions in upson county apply to other places?

how to learn about antebellum state court systems?

"lesser known records of slavery"

Do Findings Apply to Other Places?

  • Georgia, like most US states, inherited and retained a legal system based on English Common Law. The records used in most slave states will be similar to those found in Upson County.

  • Each state defined details of the names of courts, the scope of their jurisdictions, and the details of their record-keeping. Legislatures often modified the organization and functions of their state courts.

  • Louisiana does not share the Common Law inheritance. That state retains Notarial Records, a system derived from the Civil Law of ancient Rome and inherited through France and Spain. The Notarial Archives at New Orleans give a good explanation of this system: The Civil Law Notary.