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The Fruits of a County Research Project

Where on Earth is Upson County?

Upson County 1864

upson county population 1830-70

slaves named in pre-1865 upson county sources

conclusions from the county project - pt I

conclusions from the county project - pt II

do the conclusions in upson county apply to other places?

how to learn about antebellum state court systems?

"lesser known records of slavery"

"Lesser Known Records of Slavery"

We will explore the records highlighted in red in the next parts of the series:

Probate Records

 about 3,200

Deeds and Mortgages 1,832
Civil Suits (in Law & Equity) about 400
Church Minute Books about 280
Fieri Facias about 260
Interrogatories and Answers about 100
Store Account Books about 100
Letters, Plantation Records less than 100
Criminal Cases about 90
Coroner's Inquests 19
TOTAL SLAVES NAMED * about 5,000

*counting each individual slaves only once regardless
of how many records he or she may appear in